How to handle a rental business in oracle

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How to handle a rental business in oracle

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How to handle a rental business in oracle for its sales and services.

For example:
We have a company which is handling different projects by renting machineries/equipments etc to different customers.

Note: But we do not have BOM/WIP/Projects modules.....

The machineries/equipments are assembled in the warehouse and sent for rentals. Once the rental contract is completed, it will be returned to warehouse. The maintainance staff will clean the equipment and make it again as new equipment for renting the same to another customer.

For all the equipments and spares which are being used for assembling there will be a cost. If company is providing a service, there will be no cost.

Now my question is:

1. Do we need to consider the equipment as an Asset or Inventory item. If we consider the equipment as an asset then it cannot be tracked in the inventory. If it is inventory item then it needs to have stock in the inventory for which how to provide service to a customer?
2. How to give the equipment for rental? (as a service)
3. What type of transactions are involved in this scenario?

If need more clarifications, please let me know.

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Re: How to handle a rental business in oracle

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Hi I have the same question have you received any solutions?
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