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Configuration Details
Key Type = RSA
Keysize = 4096
Validity = 2 years
Real name = erpstuff
Email address =
Comment = training by
Passphrase = ERPstuff123
Key ID = ?

Listing Existing Keys
$ gpg2 –list-keys
$ gpg2 –list-secret-keys

Keys Generation
$ gpg2 --gen-key

Signing & Checking Keys
gpg2 --sign-key 74F9099D
gpg2 --check-sig 74F9099D

Deleting a Key
$ gpg2 --delete-key <private key>
$ gpg2 --delete-key <public key>

Exporting Key
$ gpg2 --export --output "/home/erpstuff_key.asc" 26AB33BC

Importing Key
$ gpg2 --import "/home/erpstuff_key.asc"

$ gpg2 -se --batch --passphrase Erpstuff_234 -r 74F9099D -o erpstuff_file.599.csv.gpg erpstuff_file.599.csv

if multiple keys are there then you can use -u to specify the key
gpg2 -se -r 94F9096D -u ACF1C734 --batch --passphrase Erpstuff_234 -o erpstuff_file.599.csv.gpg erpstuff_file.599.csv

94F9096D = Public key of the company to whom you are sending the file and this key was imported by you in your instance.
ACF1C734 = This public key was created by your in your instance and sent to the other company and they imported in their instance.

$ gpg2 -se --batch --passphrase Erpstuff_234 -r 74F9099D -o erpstuff_file.599.csv.gpg erpstuff_file.599.csv

s : sign & e : encrypt

$ gpg2 --decrypt-files --batch --passphrase ERPtuff123 erpstuff_file.599.csv.gpg

$ gpg2 --decrypt-files --batch --passphrase ERPtuff123 *.gpg

gpg: B0C6B187: There is no assurance this key belongs to the named user
gpg: erpstuff_file.csv: sign+encrypt failed: Unusable public key

$ gpg2 --edit-key 74F9099D
gpg> trust

1 = I don't know or won't say
2 = I do NOT trust
3 = I trust marginally
4 = I trust fully
5 = I trust ultimately
m = back to the main menu

Your decision? 5
Do you really want to set this key to ultimate trust? (y/N) y

Change Passphrase

gpg2 --edit-key 74F9099D (Your-Key-ID-Here)
gpg> passwd
gpg> save

Files location
cd ~
ls -la
cd .gnupg

Deleting folder
rm -r .gnupg/

Download for Windows

GnuPG GPG Encryption and Decryption
Privacy and Security for Integrations with Banks


Part 1
Encryption and Decryption Concepts

Part 2
Creating Keys
Listing Keys (Secret & Public)
Encrypting a File
Decrypting a File
Exporting Keys
Importing Keys
Changing Passphrase
Creating Trust

GPG Setup in Oracle Linux
Malik Sikandar Hayat
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