diff between discrete mfg and process mfg

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diff between discrete mfg and process mfg

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what is the difference b/w discrete manufacturing and process manufacturing.
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Whenever we talk about process manufacturing, it is assumed similar to Discrete Manufacturing. It also has operations, activities, work orders etc. right? Agree, but it has much more then that. Just an example, how do you measure a computer or Car? By numbers.. 2 computers or 3 Cars.. What about a cup of coffee?? 1 Cup, 200 ml, 190 mg, % Coffee.. In Discrete Manufacturing, 1 plus 1 makes 2, while in Process Manufacturing, It usually less then 2. Complexity of process manufacturing has just started!!!

Before, we go ahead, let
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thanks,very detail
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Re: diff between discrete mfg and process mfg

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The main difference between discrete manufacturing and process manufacturing is that the Discrete manufacturers create finished goods like automobiles and smartphones which are made up of parts, assembled and can mostly be taken apart later on while the Process manufacturers, on the other hand, produce goods that cannot be broken down into individual parts, such as paint or cupcakes, the goods are made from ingredients that are mixed together in a “process” that cannot be reversed. While discrete manufacturers use Bills of Materials to designate the contents of the products, process manufacturers rely on formulas or recipes.
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