Can we change the COA structure, calendar and Mult

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Can we change the COA structure, calendar and Mult

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I am a functional consultant and iam working on upgrade project and i have a querry on upgrading...

1. Can we alter COA structure while upgrading like adding OR deleting segments to the existing structure
2. Can i change my calendar type and number of periods
3. can i re organize my multiorg structure like adding or merging LE, OU and INV

can anyone please share me your thoughts..

Thanks in advance...
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I guess you have posted this same topic multiple forum websites today ... let me respond to this here ....

1) You can modify the Accounting Flexfield for adding or removing the segment as per your choice, since system would let you to do that. However Oracle suggests not to make modification to the Accounting key flexfield once the transactions are recorded for the same......

2) You cannot change your period type for the accounting calendar, however you can create a fresh period type and accounting calendar for the requirement. If you are doing so, this cannot be attached to your current ledger, as a result you would end up creating a new ledger and all related subledger setups ...

3) Adding Multi Org components or Disabling/End dating Multi Org components can be done at any point of time ... I am not aware of any merge functionality till date, if you mean discontinuing one operating unit / Legal entity and continuing the same in another ....then it is possible... in which case one needs to make sure there are no open /unsettled transactions exists in the operating unit/LE which would be discontinued .....

From your list of queries, it is very appropriate (and risk free) to Implement afresh than making the corrections ......

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